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Hissy FIT

Een dansvoorstelling over de taal van geweld

Driven by the raw energy of rap music, three black bodies experience their ‘hissy fit’; an emotional outburst of despair and frustration.

Hidden behind masks, the powerful trio will go into a daze that gives them a frightening power. They are trapped in their own bodies and are frantically looking for a way out. Emotions are exploding and imposed stigmas seem to be confirmed.

Artistic Direction | Christian Guerematchi Choreography & Performance | Christian Guerematchi, Mark ‘Brui5er’ Sheats & Michael Wanga Lightdesign | Thomas Brand Visuals & Scenography | STUDIO 10.04 Music Composition | Michael Wanga Costumes | Jonathan Ho Fotography | Daniël Nicoletti Illustration | Richard Kofi

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