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No One Show

VR muziektheater beleving over de strijd tussen mens en A.I.

No-One Show is een immersieve VR/Theaterervaring van Futurists over menselijkheid in een tijd van internet en kunstmatige intelligentie.

In the age of A.I. with communicating internet bots, algorithms leading our search engines
and heavily influencing our access to information and world’s view, is a performer still an essential part of the performance?

No-One Show is partly a 360° film, and partly a live performance. The film is a completely immersive experience, viewed through VR headset and headphones. After that there is a live interactive part performed with the same actor, who urges the audience to take off their VR headset and headphones and, through various activities with each other, make people connect on a basic level.

Audio, sound design, video programming: Tatiana Rosa | Composition, text, performance: Jerzy Bielski | D.O.P., light design, film post-production: Thomas Brand | Costume: Karolina Maksimowicz

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