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NonLine Opera

Een hyperactieve, muzikale happening

NONline Opera is an ode to a live meeting of an artist and the audience, or live meeting of people in general – as opposed to an online performance or a Zoom meeting.

This partly a concert and partly performative “happening” takes form of a collage of events, scenes, music pieces, bits of (made-up) storytelling, videos and absurd comedy sketches – referring to the theater varieté form. NONline Opera is an interactive online/live event based on the music of Circuit, a highly eclectic (experimental rock, hyper jazz, contemporary classical, avant-garde electronics) 8-piece ensemble from London, UK, led by a Polish composer-performer, Jerzy Bielski.

Creative team: Jerzy Bielski (NL/PL) – Concept, composition, libretto | Thomas Brand (NL) – Dramaturgy, videos, post-production, lighting | Martijn Nieuwerf (NL) – Acting advice | Performers: Martijn Nieuwerf (NL) – Actor (“The Composer”) Tatiana Rosa (NL/POR) – Flute, samples Olga Siemienczuk (DE/PL) – Voice Jerzy Bielski (NL/PL) – Guitar, voice Matt Ellis Devitt (UK) – Trumpet Zach McCullough (USA/GR) – Drums Ed Babar (UK) – Double bass, bass guitar Abel Tuinstra (NL) – Piano, keys

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