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Zamenhof Project

Zamenhof Project

In this large-scale, 1,5h long interdisciplinary piece inspired by the ideas and the life of a linguistic genius Ludwik Zamenhof, Bielski constructs a world which surprises, challenges and confuses.

The international cast, consisting of actors, musicians and dancers who between them speak seven languages, involves the audience in an exploration of communication (or miscommunication) and language. An event in which music and visual elements such as theater, contemporary dance, installation, video, set design, costumes and light are completely integrated. The traditional separation of stage and audience is also totally deconstructed.

Concept, Composition, Text, Installations Design, Artistic & Production Leader: Jerzy Bielski | Stage Direction: Frances Sanders | Choreography: Sandra Abouav | Set Design, Costumes, Installations: Karolina Maksimowicz | Light Design: Thomas Brand | Video, Installations: Felix de Bousies |Audio, Video, Live Electronics: Tatiana Rosa | Voice & Movement: Richard Dubelski (France), Eva Layla Schipper (Netherlands), Felix de Bousies (Belgium/Greece), Akim Moiseenkov (Netherlands), Pawel Chomczyk (Poland), Claire Malchrowicz (France), Kirstine Lindemann (Denmark), Piano, MIDI-keyboard (Asko|Schönberg – K[h]AOS): Tim Sabel, Percussion, Drums (Asko|Schönberg – K[h]AOS): Noè Rodrigo Gisbert, Guitars: Jerzy Bielski

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